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i miss españa,
i miss recto,
i miss balic-balic,
i miss everything that has got to do with the past..

i miss the good old times


nothing really

i have nothing to look forward to

i do the same stuff everyday and im getting tired of it

wala bang pampagana dyan?

my favorite song of all time..


i barely remembered the last time i bawled out since i watched the movie titanic, but when i saw the movie click by adam sandler, i cried like a baby..

i rarely cry when i watch movies.. the movie centers on a man who's priority is his job and not his family or so i think, so when an "angel" gave him a remote control that controls his own universe, i guess he got to taste his own medicine, and that there are some things that when you enter it, it's so hard to get out..

i thought the movie was suppose to be funny but when it got to the final five parts, those were when i could relate badly with the story

and the excerpt he said was true, "FAMILY COMES FIRST.."

but for the record, all movies of adam sandler's great, all with messages and with a hearty moral lesson but for me, this so far will be the greatest movie he made..

anyways, pretty d*amn good movie, here's a copy for you guys, enjoy..



episode 1


Aug. 26th, 2008

walang maskman, badtrip.. discrimination amp!!

san ba under yung masked rider bLack??

hey hey human sucker

ah human human f*ucker