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Deus Ex Machina : The Machines of God

HaLLeLujah Brother, You just met your Creator..

Hyde_iori yagami
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About Me:
Full Name: Richard Gran Colin H. Melders

nicknames: hyde, colin, chard, hayami

ultimate crush, Zhang Ziyi and Jasmine Trias

Music and Art is my passion and outlet on living..

Chatnickz.. Dr. JackaL, Kuroi_Kaze, Jack the Ripper.. Raiden..

Who am I? You sure you wanna know? The story of my life is not of the faint of heart.. If somebody said it was a happy little tale.. If somebody told you I was your average, ordinary guy, not a care in the world.. Somebody lied...

But let me assure you this story is like anything worth telling.. About sum1 whose loner, detached, cold, music lover, most of the time quiet and reserved, never speaks his mind out unless needed.. of few words.. A multi-talented individual who plays the guitars, drums, bass, piano and the violin, a good singer but sucks in dancing [breakdancing is an excemption], writes novels/fictional tales.. can be really that hyper, pissed and serious to a fault, tends to be an observant but a pessimist at heart.. a versatile person, can be happy, sad, hurt, offended, cry, laugh without anyone knowing.. can hide all the grief in his heart as his outlet.. doesn't know the meaning of Drink, Smoke and Drugs, probably make him much more cool.. Sum1 who wants to share and give back the love given to him through his music and literary..

im a DLSUan at heart and NOIR, no one can take that away from me, and im proud to be one

and aside from reading the headstart of my profile, you should obviously will see that I'm a fan of Spider-Man
i wanna make up all my mistakes and everything i lack for to one person and one person alone..

you know who you are..
Who I Want to Meet:
Zhang Ziyi and Jasmine Trias..

I don't like the idea of backfighters, backstabbers, cynical hypocritical [bullsh*it] talking nasty sh*its just to prove you guys who i am, of who is my cousin, of what field, I can talk sh*it coz i experienced so much pain and betrayal from my long time "friends" [with the airsigns], you don't know who i am, and what i am capable of doing, im a reciprocal person, tarantado rin ako, so you'll get your due for sure.. BASTUSAN NA!!!

all the haters, rockers, keikers, melodrama figures in the music industry and such, fellow LaSallians, my perks back at PNU, FEU, friends from Ateneo, Osaka, childhood friends, long lost friends, anyone who can relate by me, ang Sadako [Ring-0] of my life [if someone is destined for me]

..and thank God someone is and I finally found her..