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hey hey human sucker

ah human human f*ucker


stupid migraine..

i feel like vomiting..

watch this video..

you'LL be safe here..

when the Light disappears and when this worLd's insincere, you'LL be safe here

i just wanna add this sentence.. "watch and find out"

i was watching this video the other day in my comrade's DVD and what can i say, DIR EN GREY ROCKS!!

kudos to that

tu chei!!
da*mn, im having avery irony diLemma, i have to be independent and move out the house,

probLem is, there arent any vacancies in our pLace,

Looks Like i have to go back to good oL' espana, aLon UST haha

yup, we're trying to jam this tone from advent children coz we reaLLy think it's cooL, weLL so much for them, coz remember, i'm on Lead guitars!!


The FinaL Excerpt

Who am I?

You sure you wanna know?

The story of my Life is not of the faint of heart..

If somebody said it was a happy LittLe taLe..

If somebody toLd you I was your average, ordinary guy, not a care in the worLd..

Somebody Lied..

But Let me assure you..

This story is anything worth teLLing..
My Chosen torture makes me stronger.. In a life that craves the hunger.. A Freedom and a quest for Life.. UntiL the end the judgment night.. BLess me with your gift of light.. Righteous cause on judgment night.. FeeL the sorrow the Light has swaLLowed.. FeeL the freedom Like no tomorrow.. Stepping forth a cure for souL's demise.. Reap the tears of the victims cries.. Yearning more to hear the suffer of another demon as I put it under.. KiLLed before a time to kiLL them aLL .. Passed down the righteous Law.. Serve a justice that dweLLs in me.. LifeLess corpse as far as the eye can see.. Life of vengeance, a passive test.. UntiL the grave I wiLL rest.. Engage the pressure untiL it crumbLes.. The existence of the LifeLess bLack souLs.. Onward to the sacred battLefieLd.. Where justification and Limits are reveaLed.. TooLs of steeL in rage they conquer.. Weed out the kiLLing of victims staLker.. The powers proven to end the madness.. Upon I take it to end the savage.. The rays of Light a truth of meaning.. To my father the bLood is pleading.. A justice rage for aLL to feeL.. With innocent cries and hatred squeaLs.. The gore of eviL seems to satisfy.. When sLain and maimed and pacified.. My chosen torture makes me stronger.. In a Life that craves the hunger.. A Freedom and a quest for life.. UntiL the end the judgment night.. Watch the footsteps but never foLLow.. If you want to Live tomorrow.. SteeL a souL for a second chance.. But you wiLL never become a man..

something to think about..

the reaLity of this cLiche', I have learned that peopLe dont gorw oLd, they onLy mature, how true?? many facts..

Long Long ago, some years to be exact, i have been immature on fallin in love, i wasnt possessive or quickly jealous of people lurking with my girlfriend but i was doing something i promised i wont be doing, to hurt and make her cry, i guess that's the worst anyone can do with someone he loves dont you think..

we've been thru a lot and i have gone many sufferings in this life, regarding the last post i wrote which is true, i dont deserve to live and if given the chance just let me die, coz i am such and a*sshole, if not for this life i wouldnt be doing things as crazy as trading her for some fling, who held me by the neck,

true by the fact that my heart still screams her name despite the fact i am with someone i was only in for the fun and attention, eventually i broke up, no questions asked, whether the fling two timed me [maybe i deserved that karma afterall but nevertheless], i promised one thing, to never leave her again no matter what, never give her up no matter what, never take her for granted no matter what, to always love her till my last breath..

a year is such a long time for the two of us to be apart, it feels like dying every second passing by, but yet there was still this even one percent clinging to me that i wont die, and wont commit that f*ucking thiung cowards do when they cant take it anymore, i am a loser no more, i decided to fight even if it was my morale which was on the line,

in the end i won her back, although a losing battle in the war, still were into this together and still with each other..

just as i promised i wont leave her again, and if i do, i'll make it sure that i am already in the aftrelife, even if i die accidentally without her knowing, my spirit will still come back to her, tell her i love her, i dont care how many times it will take for me to prove those words to her, as long as i have her i can care less for the world and the things around us

till this day, october 27, 2007, 5:26 in the morning

and i want the record to show that i am ready to settle down with her..

that's how much i wanna be with her, even when everybody in the world is against it..
i don't deserve to Live anymore, just Let me die..